Who is faster?

Dogs instinctively require the approval of the leader before any act.

Dance with Me?

Kittens, regard their reflection as a potential friend who is enthusiastically trying to play with a new friend.

Full immersion

The goat is one of the first domesticated animals. Domesticated in the Middle East, approximately 9,000 years ago.


Where are you?

A travel bag for a cat is an interesting labyrinth. If the bag came from vacation, then the cat does not tear it off: there are half a country of smells and stories that need to be read through the nose. It’s interesting to sit on a bag, as it is also a variety in the daily life of a cat.

For a cat to truly understand rejection

… he must first be ignored by another cat.

Accurate and working well?

The human brain is capable of processing and scanning complex images.

How does the magnet work?

The earth is a giant magnet, on which the arrows of the compass are oriented.

Where are you going?

A cat can jump to a height of 5 times that of its own height.

Is there a friendship between cats and birds?

All cats hide their claws at rest, except for the cheetah.

Does your dog like to swim?

Bulldogs, basset hounds, dachshunds, pugs and boston-terriers are dogs that do not know how to swim.

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