Photo Puzzles

Puzzle Game: Isaac Levitan

Picture: Golden fall

Puzzle Game: Viktor Vasnetsov

Picture: “Heroes”

Puzzle Game: Ivan Aivazovsky

Picture: “The Ninth Wave”

Puzzle Game: Wildflowers

Play and Learn: Wildflowers

Interesting Facts: Grow flowers man began more than 4 thousand years ago. The first in this case turned out to be the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Puzzle Game: Fall

Play and Learn: Fall

Interesting Facts: In New Zealand and Australia, fall officially begins on March 1 and ends May 31.

Puzzle Game: Winter

Play and Learn: Winter

Interesting Facts: Fact, but more than half the population of the Earth has never seen real snow!

Puzzle Game: Northern Lights

Play and Learn: Northern Lights

Interesting Facts: Italian astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei (Galileo Galilei) was the first person to describe the phenomenon of the Northern Lights in 1619.

Puzzle Game: Space

Play and Learn: Space

Interesting Facts: Scientists have found more than a thousand planets outside our solar system over the past 20 years.

Puzzle Game: Desert

Play and Learn: Desert

Interesting Facts: The Sahara Desert is the second largest desert on earth after Antarctica, and the hottest desert in the world, the area – 9,000,000

Puzzle Game: Forest

Play and Learn: Forest

Interesting Facts: The longest tree in the world grows in California (USA). Barrel length evergreen sequoia is 112 meters.

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