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    The 6-hour MBA is for everyone in the work place. It demystifies management and challenges current assumptions. In order for organizations to achieve their potential, they must put in place systems that enable their employees to reach their potential. The current assumption by many organizations is that employees are paid to do what they are told, this prevents the organization from availing itself to the full potential of the worker. The 6-hour MBA challenges this and introduces the concept of leadership. In easy to understand language, it explains the fundamental and critical concepts of management so that they can be understood by all.
    In 2001, Darin Mickey, a photographer, musician and teacher at the International Center of Photography and Cooper Union in New York, began to document his father''s life at work and at home. Stuff I Gotta Remember Not to Forget is a portrait of Ken Mickey, who sells storage space in converted caves and abandoned mines throughout Kansas. We follow Darin following his father as he makes cold calls, watches television, attends meetings at the Masonic Termple, drives through underground tunnels and drinks his scotch on the rocks. Mickey''s pictures deftly capture the emotions that an adult experiences around his parents; there is an unfamiliarity with the familiar, and the vying feelings of attraction and rejection of where one comes from. The title of this volume--taken from a Ziggy comic bulletin board--implies both the ambivalence and urgency of what family means once one leaves the fold. As much a memoir of Mickey''s family life as a portrait of a salesman, Stuff I Gotta Remember Not to Forget is a document of the suburban Midwest, in turns honest, ridiculous and tender.
    Accessory liability in the private law is of great importance. Claimants often bring claims against third parties who participate in wrongs. For example, the ''direct wrongdoer'' may be insolvent, so a claimant might prefer a remedy against an accessory in order to obtain satisfactory redress. However, the law in this area has not received the attention it deserves. The criminal law recognises that any person who ''aids, abets, counsels or procures'' any offence can be punished as an accessory, but the private law is more fragmented. One reason for this is a tendency to compartmentalise the law of obligations into discrete subjects, such as contract, trusts, tort and intellectual property. This book suggests that by looking across such boundaries in the private law, the nature and principles of accessory liability can be better understood and doctrinal confusion regarding the elements of liability, defences and remedies resolved. Winner of the Joint Second SLS Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2015.
    Joyce and Peter McCart describe the routes pioneered by Thompson, both as they are today and as they were over two hundred years ago, offering fascinating insight into the explorer''s life. On the Road with David Thompson includes excerpts from Thompson''s journals, details about his background and travels, maps, and an entertaining account of the authors'' experiences on the road.
    Wheels of Life presents a heartbreaking memoir that begins in East Germany in the years immediately preceding World War II. Hannelore Fiebig tells the story of growing up with her sister and brother and their family in their family apartment. The story begins at a time when modern technology was not even thought of and the world was on the brink of war. The war has not been kind to Hannelore''s family; in 1945 as they try to reclaim their home after a raid, they discover that all of their belongings have been destroyed and their landlady has lost her mind. As the family struggles, they make the difficult decision to immigrate to Australia, where they will have the opportunity to start a new life. Right before she is set to leave on her long journey, Hannelore''s love, Gunter, asks for her hand in marriage. They agree to marry when she returns, but her life takes a very different path once she arrives in Australia. Wheels of Life spans over forty years and takes the reader from Germany to Australia-it is an unforgettable memoir of a life well-lived.
    Persistently Preaching Christ: Fifty Years Of Bible Ministry In A Cambridge Church
    PAIN LASTS LONGER THAN LOVE. “LeVoit’s work exists at the center of a glowing nexus where fever dream punk rock poetry collides with raw emotion and vertiginous talent.” —Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Skullcrack CitySet in and around Hollywood Forever Cemetery, this tense and mind-bending noir is Violet LeVoit at her finest: an unnerving, unpredictable and comic journey through deep trauma and glitzy nostalgic insanity.“I Miss The World is a gut-punch, throat-punch, heart- punch of a novel. LeVoit knows how to seduce you with a lullaby when she’s going for blood.” —Danger Slater, author of Puppet Skin “It is masterful, it is beautiful and awful, it is sweepingly and breathtakingly artistic, the impact of seeing some great natural wonder or work of art for the first time.” —The Horror Fiction Review “Revelatory, gut-punching, brilliantly anarchic perfection.” —J David Osborne, author of Black Gum “A crushing journey into the beauty and horror of nostalgia.” —LitReactor"The hype does not disappoint." —The Big Smoke
    THE EXTRAORDINARY TALE OF SYLVIA BROOKE, THE LAST WHITE RULER OF THE JUNGLE KINGDOM OF BORNEOSylvia Brooke was one of the more exotic and outrageous figures of the twentieth century. Otherwise known as the Ranee of Sarawak, she was the wife of Sir Vyner Brooke, the last White Rajah, whose family had ruled the jungle kingdom of Sarawak on Borneo for three generations. They had their own flag, revenue, postage stamps, and money, as well as the power of life and death over their subjects-Malays, Chinese, and headhunting Dyak tribesmen. The regime of the White Rajahs was long romanticized, but by the 1930s, their power and prestige were crumbling. At the center of Sarawak''s decadence was Sylvia, author of eleven books, mother to three daughters, an extravagantly dressed socialite whose behavior often offended and usually defied social convention. Sylvia did her best to manipulate the line of succession in favor of her daughters, but by 1946, Japan had invaded Sarawak, sending Sylvia and her husband into exile, ending one of the more unusual chapters of British colonial rule.Philip Eade''s Sylvia, Queen of the Headhunters is a fascinating look at the wild and debauched world of a woman desperate to maintain the last remains of power in an exotic and dying kingdom.
    Construction managers and their Spanish-speaking employees are fully aware that being able to communicate well with each other is essential to a productive workplace-that is when QuickStudy comes in handy! Our comprehensive 3-panel (6-page) guide lists important terms and Spanish translations covering a wide variety of topics within the construction industry. Each subject and its key words/phrases are laid out in a clear, straightforward manner for ease of use.
    Discovery-oriented supervision is a whole new dimension of supervision. It explores deep down inside the other person'' s ideas about psychotherapy; to discover their inner, probably unformed, deeper pool of ideas about psychotherapy. This volume will help trainees, teachers and supervisors to become acquainted with the area of supervision.
    This book introduces students to the Victorian novel and its contexts, teaching strategies for reading and researching nineteenth-century literature. Combining close reading with background information and analysis it considers the Victorian novel as a product of the industrial age by focusing on popular texts including Dickens''s Oliver Twist, Gaskell''s North and South and Hardy''s The Mayor of Casterbridge.? The Victorian Novel in Context examines the changing readership resulting from the growth of mass literacy and the effect that this had on the form of the novel. Taking texts from the early, mid and late Victorian period it encourages students to consider how serialization shaped the nineteenth-century novel. It highlights the importance of politics, religion and the evolutionary debate in ''classic'' Victorian texts. Addressing key concerns including realist writing, literature and imperialism, urbanization and women''s writing, it introduces students to a variety of the most important critical approaches to the novels. Introducing texts, contexts and criticism, this is a lively and up-to-date resource for anyone studying the Victorian novel.
    This book complements the first volume in the series, on case-control studies, and the two together provide a comprehensive account of the analysis of the major types of study in cancer epidemiology. In addition, this volume has a chapter on study design, covering both the case-control and cohort approach. The scope ranges from an account of the elementary and descriptive approaches to cohort analysis to the fitting of regression models for incidence rates with general risk functions. Particular attention is given to the use of a case-control approach embedded in a cohort study. As in the first volume, all the methods described are illustrated by examples from real studies, and the data from these studies are provided in appendices to enable the reader to go through the computations themselves. The book is intended for the medical epidemiologist with an interest in the quantitative aspects of the subject, and the statistician who is looking for a reasonably complete development of the statistical concepts and methods in current use in this area of epidemiology.
    The old Bridgewater Trustees mineral railways were to become the Central Railways of the huge Manchester Collieries concern, which was formed in March 1929. The landscape with its changing, suddenly abrupt and often fierce gradients was to be a cruel one for these colliery locomotives which were worked virtually constantly to their limits. From Worsley to Linnyshaw Colliery, east of Walkden, the average gradient had been 1 in 52 with the occasional 1 in 30 stretch! The locomotives were varied but post-war included many of the Hunslet-designed Austerity, as well as a series of ex-North Staffordshire Railway locomotives. Alan Davies, in a companion volume to his previous work on Walken Yard itself, tells the story of the locomotives that were based there, were maintained and repaired there and that sometimes finished their working lives at Walkden Yard.
    “Not only are the stories a great read, but the photos are so full of color and texture they’ll make your fingers itch to start your own scarf or afghan.”—Glamour“With a passion for textiles and a love of travel, Melanie Falick is the perfect writer for [America Knits].”—Vogue Knitting Acclaimed knitting author Melanie Falick traveled thousands of miles and interviewed dozens of knitters, spinners, dyers, and sheep breeders to create this inspiring and revealing collection of portraits and patterns. With profiles of 38 artisans and farmers,175 beautiful color photographs, and 30 original patterns whose difficulty ranges from basic to advanced, from traditional to contemporary, America Knits is the most complete survey yet published on this highly popular and vital art form in America. First published in hardcover as Knitting in America (Artisan, 1996)
    Marco Polo maps feature completely up-to-date, digitally generated mapping. A fold-out overview map is ideal for route planning and 7 self-adhesive Marco Polo mark-it stickers can be used to pin-point a destination or route for future reference. The maps also contain a comprehensive index and inset street plans of major cities. Map Scale - 1: 300 000.
    For the past 30 years, Samuel Green has made his home on a remote island off the grid pursuing themes that have obsessed him: fidelity to a long and abiding love, the obligations of living in a small community, the demands of right work, the nature of loss and mourning, close observation of the natural world, and the persistent demands of memory.
    Author Erin H. Turner brings to light 44 fascinating events from Meriwether Lewis and William Clark''s 1804-1806 expedition from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean and back, including the first democratic vote west of the Mississippi, the remarkable and unexpected reunion of their Indian guide Sacagawea with the clan brother she hadn''t seen in years, the day they found a huge whale on the beach, and their discovery of Carolina parakeets--a now extinct species--west of the Mississippi.
    Behaviour 4 My Future has been developed specifically for students at risk of exclusion. This highly practical emotional literacy resource engages young people and motivates them to improve their behaviour at school. It consists of 13 well structured sessions that have been designed to appeal to different learning styles and to encourage the development of the key skills and attitudes associated with emotional literacy. The sessions include: an audit of sutdents'' work and behaviour; linking feelings, thinkings and behaviour; managing stress and anger in the classroom; understanding and profiling students'' multiple intelligences; and, linking behaviour to future opportunities. Suitable for one-to-one and group work, this book includes set-up guidelines, photocopiable worksheets and a CD Rom. Each session is linked to the secondary SEAL outcomes.
    The New Jerome Biblical Commentary is quite simply the best Catholic commentary available, to be used for studying the Scriptures. Aimed at anyone interested in religion and theology, lay or clergy, it is a single-volume containing verse-by-verse commentary on all the book of the Bible, complemented by topical articles. The articles present thoroughly up-to-date background information that is essential for full appreciation of the texts, at the same time offering the reader a wider perspective; articles, for example, on the historical Jesus and the early Church.--Comprehensively updated since 1968; almost two-thirds of the book is new--Extended bibliographies; chapter and verse reference on page headings--Now in paperback: within the reach of all individuals wishing to study the Scriptures with the aid of a commentary, a paperback Student edition is available.There are three different bindings: The Hardback Edition has a separate dust jacket; the Study Hardback Edition is a hardback with a printed paper cover; the Student Edition is a paperback.
    Elayn Martin-Gay's developmental math program is motivated by her firm belief that every student can succeed. The new All in One, Algebra Foundations: Prealgebra, Introductory Algebra, & Intermediate Algebra, offers everything needed to teach the full developmental math sequence in one flexible course solution. Martin-Gay's focus on the student shapes her clear, accessible writing, inspires her constant pedagogical innovations, and contributes to the popularity and effectiveness of her video resources. This new All in One continues her focus on students and what they need to be successful. ALERT: Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products exist for each title, including customized versions for individual schools, and registrations are not transferable. In addition, you may need a CourseID, provided by your instructor, to register for and use Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products. Packages Access codes for Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products may not be included when purchasing or renting from companies other than Pearson; check with the seller before completing your purchase. Used or rental books If you rent or purchase a used book with an access code, the access code may have been redeemed previously and you may have to purchase a new access code. Access codes Access codes that are purchased from sellers other than Pearson carry a higher risk of being either the wrong ISBN or a previously redeemed code. Check with the seller prior to purchase. This package contains: 0321978935 / 9780321978936 Video Organizer for Algebra Foundations: Prealgebra, Introductory & Intermediate Algebra0321757378 / 9780321757371 MyMathLab CourseCompass Integrated Course Sequence -- Standalone Access Card
    North American Christians have become concerned with justice and human rights struggles of the third-world poor, but such globalization has not made connections with the poor of the first-world society who are overwhelmingly rooted in the inner cities of the nation. Recinos examines the meaning of globalization as reflected in Biblical and specific social histories.
    LEVEL BEGINNING TO READ ALONEExtent: 32pp, up to 35 words per pageText at level 2 is accessible and engaging with plenty of interest and repetition. Vocabulary is easy and familiar, and sentences are mainly short and simple. Fur and Feathers helps young readers learn why animals have fur and feathers, and introduces them to lots of adorable furry and feathery creatures!
    DT Divided into 12 units, each covering an important language area DT Photographs and other realia give students insight into French background and lifestyle DT Introduction of colloquial French develops students'' abilities to understand and communicate in everyday French DT Material is graded, initially providing revision of structures and topics already covered but in a new and lively way DT Each unit ends with a background reading passage, a series of conversation questions, a survey of the grammar covered in the unit, and lists of topic-based vocabulary
    The word ?dominance,? in the context of genetics, has been used for a long time applied to characters or to alleles. A dominant character masks the expression of an alternative form. This loose definition would even apply when these alternatives are not determined by alleles of the same locus. In turn, a dominant allele refers to an alternative version at the same locus. This dual usage has led, as expected, to some confusion and shows how statistics can complement verbal definitions. Mendel, the pioneer of genetics, did not know the bases of the phenomenon of dominance. Nor was he completely certain to look at characters defined by alleles. But the ubiquity of the phenomenon caused him to elevate his observations to the category of laws, that went, unfortunately, unnoticed until they were rediscovered decades later. Today, dominance and recessivity are concepts commonly used and not only by geneticists. Yet a question remains: do we really understand the mechanisms of dominance? The Biology of Genetic Dominance seeks to answer this question through observation and insight. Its main driving force has been the enthusiasm of an international assembly of scholars who have agreed to write down their thoughts so as to enlighten our comprehension of dominance. The ambition of this collection of essays is to help in the understanding of the bases of mendelian dominance as a pre-requisite to better understand the more complex non-mendelian inheritance. This book relies upon self-contained chapters. They can be considered, in the context of the whole, as separate documents.
    As children pretend to trudge their way through knee-deep marshmallow fluff, or zoom around like a vacuum cleaner, even cleaning up the classroom becomes an enjoyable experience. Thanks to transitions that are both fun and educational, the minutes between planned activities become moments that children actually look forward to. With Teachable Transitions, each and every preschooler will be engaged and interested all day long!Filled with movement activities, games, fingerplays, chants, and songs, Teachable Transitions offers a variety of ways for your preschoolers to move through their day. Organized by categories such as Arrival, Outside, Snacks & Lunch, and Cleanup, each transition will hold the children''s attention as they go from one activity to the next. The Ready, Set, Go, format turns ordinary, everyday transitions into stress-free learning moments.Transitions include:Moving Like AnimalsFreeze, Shake, and CleanTiptoe to Tiptop ShapeGet Ready, SpaghettiWhat''s My Shape?Statues and Rag DollsTummy to Tummy…and many, many more!
    The witchcraft confessions given by Isobel Gowdie in Auldearn, 1662, are widely celebrated as the most extraordinary on record in Britain and this book provides the first full-length examination of the confessions and the life and character of the woman behind them. Their descriptive power, vivid imagery, and contentious subject matter have attracted considerable interest on both academic and popular levels. The author’s discovery of the original trial records, deemed lost for nearly 200 years, provides a starting point for an interdisciplinary endeavor to separate Isobel’s voice from that of her interrogators, identify the beliefs and experiences that informed her testimony, and analyze why her confessions differ so markedly from those of other witchcraft suspects from the period. In the course of these enquiries, the author develops wider hypotheses relevant to the study of early modern witchcraft as a whole, with recent research into Amazonian “dark” shamanism, false-memory generation, and mutual-dream experience, along with literature on marriage-covenant mysticism and protection-charm traditions, all being brought to the investigation of early modern witch-records for the first time. Author Emma Wilby concludes that close analysis of Isobel’s confessions supports the still-controversial hypothesis that in 17th-century Scotland, as in other parts of Europe in this period, popular spirituality was shaped through a deep interaction between church teachings and shamanistic traditions of pre-Christian origin. She also extends this thesis beyond its normal association with beneficent magic and overtly folkloric themes to speculate that some of Europe’s more malevolent and demonological witch-narratives may also have emerged out of visionary rites underpinned by cogent shamanistic rationales.
    Co-dependency is one of the most talked about enigmas of our time. It evokes afull spectrum of responses in each of us according to disposition. Mostpeople either acknowledge or deny the extent of their participation indysfunctional families, addictive behavior, and the unhealthy clinging to oldoutmoded relationships. Dissolving Co-dependency gives a very in-depthbackground to the real workings of the human mind. Each chapter is followed bya simple exercise to help the reader assimilate each area of understanding. You are also led step by step to a deeper grasp of your own personal idiosyncrasieswhich are keeping you stuck in robotic behavior patterns.
    Creative Solutions to Enhance Nursing Quality serves as a resource to guide institutions through the Magnet journey, providing valuable information and insights that may actually hasten the Magnet designation process by enabling institutions to appropriately and thoroughly evaluate possible solutions. Each creative solution entry begins with a narrative description of the creative solution and the environment in which it was developed, a summary of how it was originally used to enhance quality, and its overall efficacy in meeting its purpose. The next section provides the nurse leader with the essential ingredients and step-by-step instructions for the implementation of the creative solution including a timeline, noting specific anticipated milestones. Finally, there is a brief discussion of how to adapt the creative solution to certain environments along with advice on how to achieve enculturation.
    “It is important to establish where you came from to understand where you’re going,” according to author, Jimi Little. In doing so, Little’s memoir captures the indomitable spirit of Black People from slavery to the twenty-first century. This memoir is an unapologetic look at growing up Black in Columbus, Ohio in the 40s, and 50s during a period of apartheid America. Follow Little’s journey from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, as he learned many life lessons about overcoming obstacles and hurdles to become a successful business person. His maternal grandfather, James Edward Gibson, known as "Gibby," who was part of the South-to-North migration of Blacks, settled in Columbus, Ohio. As a survivor of the Great Depression, Gibby was to become the family patriarch, historian and mentor to the author. Later, as a single father, Gibby raised his only daughter, Mary Alice Gibson, alone. In her second year of college, she married her longtime boyfriend, Joseph Arthur Little. The author was the second of seven children born to this union. With the loving presence of a maternal and paternal grandparent, Little was reared in the heart of a warm, two-parent family in Middle America. As a good student, he attended an all-Black Catholic school up until the eleventh grade. Shortly after graduating from high school, he married and had 4 children at a young age. Fortunately, this did not derail Little’s desire to move up in life. He went on to college, then obtained a degree, while working full-time at the Post Office and, at the same time, raising a young family. Subsequently, his marriage ended in divorce. Following his divorce, Jimi continued to move up on his job, and even became a part-owner in a nightclub in Columbus, but, always a dreamer, he became restless. Destiny called for him to head west. After moving to Northern California, then later settling in Los Angeles, Little went on to become a successful entrepreneur in the check cashing business and later, in the pizza restaurant business. “This is not only a story of the importance of family, this is a story of overcoming great odds to achieve success. It shows Jimi Little’s part in the symphony of The American Dream vis-à-vis the Black experience. Little is definitely an unsung hero.” Dr. Maxine Thompson, Black Butterfly Press
    Nominated for: 2014 Cybils Award, Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction When you’re the new kid at school, you know things are going to suck; but when you’re the new kid and a vampire, it bites. Unlike most kids, Scarlet Small’s problems go far beyond just trying to fit in. She would settle for a normal life, but being a 12-year-old vampire for an entire century is a real pain in the neck. Plus, her appetite for security guards, house pets, and tomato juice is out of control. In order to keep their vampire-secret, Scarlet’s parents resort to yet another move. At her new school, Scarlet not only has a strange skeleton-girl as a classmate, but a smelly werewolf is intent on revealing her secret. When Scarlet meets Granny—who fills her with cookies, goodies, and treats, and seems to understand her more than anyone—she’s sure things will finally be different. But with a fork-stabbing incident, a cherry pie massacre, and a town full of crazy people, Scarlet’s positive she’ll never live to see another undead day.
    A call for new structure and ways of behaving as a church by an experienced church officer Foreword by Stacy Sauls Church-wide discussions continue about the emergent church, attracting young people, financial survival, corporate structure, relationships with the Anglican Communion, and other ongoing issues, while age-old behaviors and patterns continue to derail progress. This book offers concrete examples from a systems perspective as to how intentionality in leadership based on shared foundational theories has the potential to empower our church to be the transformative entity God called it to be. Questions for reflection and discernment at the end of each chapter.
    Why doesn''t my favorite shirt fit anymore?With very few books that teach children what it means to grow, this fun, playful and yet profound book will show children that everything grows-trees grow, puppies grow, babies grow, and children grow, too! One day, you will need a bigger bed, bigger shoes, hats, clothes-and you may even be bigger than mommy and daddy!
    Accessible, Active, and Applied with a focus on different learning styles Designed to make the Introductory Psychology course an engaging, relevant, and interactive experience, the authors of the new seventh edition of Psychology offer multiple decades of combined teaching experience to create an accessible textbook that encourages applied and active learning. Through this book's accessible, active, and applied approach, users determine whether their learning style strengths are verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, or interpersonal. By encouraging them to study according to their own personal learning style, Psychology helps students become more effective and efficient learners. The seventh edition can now be packaged with Pearson’s MyPsychLab providing students with an interactive eText, personalized study plans, and automatically graded assignments giving them an even more engaging experience! A better teaching and learning experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience– for you and your students. Here’s how: Personalize Learning – The new MyPsychLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals. Improve Critical Thinking – Features such as Myth or Science, Check Your Progress, and Psychological Detective teach students to connect theory and concepts with real life. Engage Students – The authors continue a seamless narrative that keeps students engaged. Explore Research – This new edition features new and updated research in almost every chapter. Support Instructors – This book is supported by Pearson’s unrivaled instructor resources for introductory psychology, including the new 17 episode MyPsychLab video series, an expansive class-tested Test Bank, interactive PowerPoints, an easy to use Instructor’s Manual, Clicker questions and support for a broad range of learning management systems. All of these materials may be packaged with the text upon request. Note: MyPsychLab does not come automatically packaged with this text. To purchase MyPsychLab, please visit or you can purchase a ValuePack of the text + MyPsychLab (at no additional cost). ValuePack ISBN-10: 020591179X / ValuePack ISBN-13: 9780205911790.

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