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    Sega's new women's volleyball game has 16 pre-made teams, or you can create your own athlete and partner with the in-game editor. You can play a quick Arcade game or take your team on the World Tour and go for the volleyball championship. Teamwork and communication are important, and what you say affects how your partner performs. For multiplayer action, four modes are included: Beach Spikers, Beach Flags, Beach PK, and Beach Countdown. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the hidden characters!
    The '80s arcade classic is back! You'll still fly the skies shooting down alien craft and rescuing stranded humans, but now you can fly one of several new ships, and it isn't just human cargo you'll be carrying. Using a tether you can pick up artillery and tanks to deliver as they're needed for each mission. Moving ground forces adds a considerable element of strategy compared to classic version -- but if you miss the old side-scrolling action, the original arcade version is included as an Easter egg.
    Race your jetski through eight detailed, visually stunning courses in races that can last up to seven minutes long. Motocross tricks like nac-nacs, 360s, barrel rolls, and flips add excitement to your rides. Save swimmers from treacherous waters in rescue mode, or race against a friend in a split-screen two-player mode.
    The classic Myst series comes to next-generation platforms with Myst III: Exile, a beautiful, innovative first-person game designed for thinkers. The adventure and mysteries begin again with a vengeful man whose home was destroyed by Sirrus and Achenar. You'll follow him through different ages in time, finding clues and uncovering secrets in a race to stop his diabolical plans. The award-winning 3D graphics, 360-degree viewing system, and challenging logic puzzles won't disappoint fans or newcomers.
    This simulation aims to give users the ultimate college basketball experience. There are Season, Practice, Tournament, Career and Arcade modes of play. Players can also scout high school athletes and build their own team in Dynasty Mode. There is also a shot meter to take aim more accurately and shoot from varying distances on the court. Innovative analog stick features allow players to perform some of the flashier moves of contemporary b-ball.
    NCAA GameBreaker 2003 makes you the GameBreaker. Make the key plays on defense and offense with your favorite players. Choose from 117 Division I-A teams or from 60 classic teams from the past. Fired up crowds, authentic fight songs, and play-by-play calls by Keith Jackson heat up the atmosphere. In Career and Blue Chip start as a special teams coach and work your way up to head coach, building your dynasty as you go for the Heisman Trophy, the All-American and All-Conference team awards, and wins in up to 28 bowl games. One or two players are available with up to eight players with Multitap
    NFL 2K3 builds upon the unprecedented gameplay and feel of NFL 2K2. Masterful play animations and bone-crushing sound effects capture the explosive nature of the game. Make your QB dance out of the pocket, spin, and deliver last-second passes. Slam tackle receivers in the air as they jump for passes. An ESPN TV broadcasting presentation recreates the excitement of the NFL experience for sports fans, including in-depth commentary, player introductions, replays, and highlights. Franchise mode allows you to recruit and trade players, managing and coaching your team to the best records and champ
    Pull ahead of the pack in Pro Race Driver. Choose one of 42 licensed cars, and head to the track. Almost 40 lovingly detailed tracks from around the world are included. You can aim for any of 13 championships during your career -- or decide to win them all! This newest addition to Codemasters' TOCA series boasts an incredibly realistic damage model and a new story-based path through the game.
    NOTE: As a rental, this game does not include the headset.

    Become part of America's elite all-terrain fighting force in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, an all-out action-adventure shooter. You are a SEAL commander who will lead his men on 17 dangerous missions, 12 of them ideal for single players. You'll use more than 30 high-tech weapons along with your SEAL training and tactical prowess to rescue hostages and hunt down terrorists, operating in sea, air, and land, day and night. Intense team-based cooperative gameplay is one of SOCOM's most impressive features, allowing for 16 players to play

    After finding yourself on the wrong side of the law and caught in a murderous conspiracy, you must escape the authorities and prove your innocence. In the video game adaptation of Steven Spielberg's 2002 sci-fi mystery thriller, Minority Report, you are PreCrime Police Officer, John Anderton. In the near future the PreCrime Police can predict crimes before they happen. Now they have predicted that you, John Anderton, will commit the next murder. Relive the drama and action in this cutting edge 3D action adventure.
    After the success of NBA Live 2002, Electronic Arts ups the stakes yet again with NBA Live 2003. See all the action up close and personal. With detailed player profiles and graphics, from hairdos to realistic movements, the excitement of NBA plays and players is in your control. With EA Sports Freestyle Control you can use your right analog control stick to embellish your moves and plays. New capabilities include new running and shooting upgrades, more realistic rebounding, more bumping, and more accurate shot blocking. Animations are smoother and sound effects more rich. NBA coaches are als
    Soccer Slam puts motley crews of larger-than-life cartoon characters in epic, madcap soccer matches. Choose from six teams, each comprised of three soccer stars with unique looks, behaviors, and abilities. Each team also has a special power; for example, Team El Fuego turns into fire, Team Volta buzzes with lightning electricity, and Team Tsunami transforms into a tidal wave. There are several game modes, including Practice, Continental Cup Quest, Quick Start, Exhibition, and Tourney. Whether facing off against your friends or taking on the AI, you'll play dirty and do anything to win, with
    Chase supervillians! Avert disaster! Race the ticking clock! It's all in a day's work for Metropolis' champion in red-and-blue, Superman. This time, Brainiac 13 is trying to get the drop on Superman with an army of robots. Superman's battle to save Metropolis leads him to the Phantom Zone and Warworld, and into battle with Metallo, Bizarro, Mongul, the Cyborg, and Lex Luthor. Use the power of Superman to destroy the robots and foil Brainiac 13's evil plot. Game dialogue was written by DC comics authors.
    The Omega Soldier is a genetically-enhanced plastic soldier with only one mission -- destroy the Tan army. He was die-cast to outfight them all, and you control him. Arcade-shooter style gameplay includes upgradeable weapons, 16 unique levels, 24 high-tech weapons, and both ground and amphibious combat. Take on five bosses in single combat.
    This mission-based snowboarding game's rich storyline adds some motivation to the action. An insane mountain ranger has cleared out the old ski resort on Mt. Garrick, and wants to keep it that way. In 45 missions you'll have to locate pieces of hidden bombs and trigger avalanche cannons. Smooth animation and realistic physics make tricking come to life - you can even trick off your detached board. You choose your boarder and just might come across an unlockable friend later on.
    EOE is the story of a young man fighting a large corporation bent on world domination. However, Josh Calloway is no ordinary young man -- he happens to be armed with the latest arsenal of the 21st century. The "Legacy Drive" is a unique weapon based on the science of biogenics created by combining a rare metal with a human soul that allows it to transform into dozens of weapons, each with unique powers. With it, Josh might be able to stop the corporation and save his girl. Featuring a slew of villains, post-modern city scapes and close combat action, EOE brings all the elements of a blockbus
    Two seemingly unrelated adventurers have been transported to a magical land to fulfill their hidden destiny. Along the way they will do battle with odd enemy creatures, solve mysteries, and explore the ruins of an ancient empire. In this one-player fantasy RPG, the storylines of both characters must be advanced in order to progress in the action. Users are provided with a vast array of choices in outfitting their characters, as clothes and gear change the way characters look, fight, and interact.
    The object of this addictive puzzler is to connect similar fireworks and watch them explode in the night sky, with the sophisticated graphics engine paying off success with eye candy. The trick lies in igniting chains of explosions by coordinating the colors and functions of different rockets. Trickier than it sounds and highly addictive, it's a favorite with fans of classic puzzle games. Also features an innovative split-screen two-player mode which robs the losing player of screen space. One of the most original games for the PS2.
    You are Gerdy, an apprentice herder who must save his father from an evil spell and free his homeland from domination. Traveling through 27 environments, you'll interact with 12 species of bizarre creatures, each with its own unique personalities, looks, and behaviors. As you hone your herding skills, you'll tap into hidden resources, learn tricks, and improve your strategy. At the end of your journey, a herding tournament will decide your fate -- prove yourself, save your father, and free your island home, or live forever under an evil dictatorship.
    Welcome to the days of King Arthur and the Wizard Merlin. Find and recruit the Knights of the Round Table and lead them on sacred missions to save and protect the land of Britain. With legendary weapons and magic items you'll build your armies and fill Camelot with honor and courage. With a combination of action adventure and real-time strategy battles, Legion: The Legend Of Excalibur lets you wield Excalibur as King Arthur, fight epic battles, and face the evil of Mordred and Morgan Le Fay.
    This college basketball sports simulation lets you play as one of 138 NCAA teams. Gamers can play in two modes and customize their teams with roster management options. In Create-A-School mode, players can even create their own team, choose its name, design uniforms, and select a fight song. An easily excited crowd armed with dozens of team chants adds to the realism.
    Faces bruise and bleed in real time in this heavyweight boxing title from Infogrames. Players have the option of boxing over 100 heavyweight fighters in third- and first-person perspectives within detailed 3D replications of authentic international arenas. More than 600 punches are available, including signature moves and illegal blows. Gamers also have the freedom of creating their own players and upgrading them until eventually earning the privilege of fighting Iron Mike himself.
    Featuring 4-time AMA Champion Ricky Carmichael, MX 2002 incorporates the racing and freestyle elements of motocross under one roof. Players can practice their skills in Exhibition mode, perfect trick combinations in Freestyle mode, and become the best overall rider in Championship mode. Explore two-player Head-to-Head and Career modes which unlock new arenas as competitions progress. With more than 22 realistic courses, responsive controls, a slew of minigames, and three different camera perspectives, MX 2002 contains enough options to keep motocross fans busy for a good while.
    It's college football fever in NCAA Football 2002, an NCAA adaptation of the hugely popular Madden series. Choose from 144 real teams of the 117 Division 1-A and 27 Division 1-AA schools. Play a single game or take your team all the way, with 26 bowl games to win or lose in dramatic gameplay. As fans, students, and alumni chant and cheer, show your stuff with play fakes, long bombs, spins, and slamming tackles. All the NCAA football rankings and awards are delegated and recorded for the serious college football fan. Play against your friends in two-player to eight-player modes.
    It's college football fever again in NCAA Football 2003. One hundred and seventeen Division 1-A and 27 Division 1-AA schools take to the gridiron to determine which school is the best. Continue great traditions of school spirit with over 200 fight songs, real stadium recreations, and 50 school mascots that taunt and cheer the crowds. As fans, students, and alumni chant and cheer, show your stuff with play fakes, long bombs, spins, and slamming tackles. Commentary provided by Nessler, Herbstreit, and Corso raises the intensity and authenticity of gameplay. Play against your friends in two-pla
    NFL 2K2 brings you the unmatched excitement and drama of the NFL. Painstakingly detailed player graphics match their real-life counterparts while new play animations capture the explosive nature of the game. Quarterback logic and receiver control are advanced by a new unprecedented passing and catching system, allowing for tighter timing and accuracy. The online network mode connects eight players nationwide. Rosters, stadiums, and team uniforms represent the 2001 NFL season.
    The popular and critically acclaimed NFL QB Club 2002 combines realistic gameplay, rich visuals, and precise controls. The innovative NFL Quarterback Challenge mode features four head-to-head events including Speed and Mobility, Accuracy, Long Distance Throw, and Read & Recognition. Create your own dream quarterback or choose from current players and past greats like John Elway, Dan Marino, Steve Young, and Jim Kelly. All 31 NFL teams and over 1,500 real NFL players populate the game environment. Play-by-play commentary by Kevin Harlan and Bill Maas adds to the NFL drama. Explore four additi
    Orphen: Scion of Sorcery challenges the conventions of 3D role-playing adventure games. As the teenage sorcerer Orphen, you're an unlikely hero who is as lazy as he is aloof. Unique to Orphen: Scion of Sorcery is its combat system, a combination of real-time strategy and turn-based actions. Spell casting also trades the usual magic points system for a button-charging system that lets you charge your spells and cast them indefinitely. A unique targeting system also makes for a fresh gaming experience.
    Planet Earth is becoming a huge single-city arcology, reaching ever higher toward the sky. You control a team of Earth's police force. Your team has been called in to deal with some malfunctioning equipment -- but there's something here that no one can explain. In this action puzzler from the makers of Tomb Raider, you take command of a cyborg, a technician, a hacker, and a squad leader to solve a mystery in Earth's grim future. Just push your D-pad in his direction to take over another member of the team, and use your characters in concert to solve puzzles and progress through the games lev
    The game that changed everything on the PC finally comes to the PlayStation 2. Quake III: Revolution pits you against one to three other players in a first-person shooter blowout. You can play Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Possession, and several other modes. Use the Machine Gun as a close-range weapon, or go for the Railgun for a long-range kill! Q3R includes all the levels from both Quake III: Arena and Quake III: Team Arena on the PC, so you're getting a full package here! Plug in some extra controllers and go to it!
    When you've had enough of corporate overlords, it's time to riot! Fight the American Trade Organization in State of Emergency, the controversial game of civil unrest from Rockstar. In this mission-based action game, you'll destroy buildings, assassinate corporate big shots, and provide support for fellow revolutionaries against a backdrop of rioting citizens. With up to 250 characters visible at any one time, there are plenty of people to interact with. If you get tired of the games' 200 or so missions, Chaos mode lets you jump into a quick round of mass destruction.
    You are Rau, an island warrior with a serious problem. You've just discovered that certain unsavory folk are trying to reassemble the Mark of Kri, a spell that will open an interdimensional portal to Hell. With Kuzo, your bird familiar, you must find the six pieces of the spell before they do. This lush gothic adventure gives you an easy control scheme, unique story-telling animation, and a soundtrack from Juno Reactor.
    Hit the links with Tiger Woods. There are seven beautiful courses in this year's offering, including Pebble Beach, TPC at Sawgrass, and Royal Birkdale, along with custom courses. You can choose to play as Tiger Woods, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Vijay Singh, or any of several other pros. There's a short tutorial for new players, who'll find the intuitive controls easy to learn but tough to master. Enjoy plenty of multiplayer options, including Speed Golf, a two-player split-screen race to the 18th green!
    Drive for money in Top Gear Dare Devil! Race around four realistically modeled cities -- Tokyo, London, San Francisco and Rome. Take one of 12 user vehicles and open 'er up in one of this games' 27 levels. Collect coins and power-ups to earn boosts, extra time, and bonus levels. Multiplayer mode allows you to take on a friend. Surrounding traffic is faithfully represented, with over 70 vehicles in the game.
    Fly right into the danger zone with Top Gun: Combat Zones. Thirty-six missions cover three periods in American military history: The 70s, the 80s/90s, and the modern day. You'll flying over South-East Asia, the Gulf States, the Arctic Circle, and, of course, the Top Gun Academy. With eight fighter planes to choose from, you'll never run out of options. But just in case, there's also a Campaign Editor included, so you can design and fly your own missions.
    Get some arcade flying action with WDL: War Jetz. In a post-apocalyptic world, the primary form of entertainment is televised gladiatorial combat. Take on the mantle of a death-dealing pilot in any of nine diverse aircraft, from copters to bombers. There are 32 levels in eight arenas set in locations around the world like Antarctica, Thailand, and Germany. Use weapons like the Vampire Ray to destroy your enemies, and emerge victorious from the battle -- and the ratings!
    Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness faithfully recreates the tense, manic puzzle-fun of the original Egg Mania while adding several new features that advance gameplay and replay value. You are in a race to build towers from Tetris-like blocks while dodging enemies and rising moat water. Themed stages include a jungle, haunted house, fairground, prehistoric volcanoes and Arabian Nights. Eggsteme Madness also includes 33 individual enemies and allies along with 33 customizable options allowing for endless gameplay. Nine game modes are available including an eight-player tournament mode and a Tutorial
    In the year 2139 the world is havocked by a cataclysm of seismic activity. As civilizations sink under the sea, the Meluguis Empire and the Alliance Army fight for supremacy. As Alliance commander of the high-tech Clonus submarine you will attack the Meluguis Empire underwater and above water with torpedoes, depth charges, missiles, ultrasonic torpedoes, nuclear torpedoes, and other devastating weapons. You will explore and fight through 23 expansive 3D levels, rendered with stunning water physics and lighting effects. Lead the Sub Rebellion in PlayStation 2's only submarine action game.
    Departing from the popular format of Worms World Party and Worms: Armageddon, Ubi Soft take our favorite little slimy soldiers into the navy with Worms Blast. Plopped into little warboats, the last one floating wins. Each player will control his or her own boat, fighting to stay alive in treacherous waters. Weapons from past Worms titles include holy hand grenade, shotguns, bazookas, missles and grenades. New weapons include sea-monster attacks, meteor storms, and torpedoes. New characters include Ethel the Old Woman, Stavros Skunk, Rocky the Concrete Donkey and Calvin the Super Sheep.
    Nickelodeon's Butt-Ugly Martians brings the offbeat humor and animation of the TV series to next-generation gaming. As the three heroic Butt-Ugly Martians, B. Bop, 2-T-FRU-T and Do-Wah-Diddy, you will race your hovercrafts through the galaxy and righteously fight through nine worlds, defending the Earth from robot invaders. You will race on 18 different outlandish tracks, on Earth and in outer space, collecting special weapons, power-ups, and four keys before moving onto each subsequent level. The antics of the Butt-Ugly Martians combined with a complex storyline and wild gameplay make for o
    The evil Evronian aliens are invading and it is up to the Donald Duck's superhero alter-ego, PK, to save the day. With your cyber-weapons and superhero powers you will take on the evil Zondag, Zoster and their Evronian hordes. Fighting through eleven levels of intense action, you'll explore the cartoon worlds of Ducklair Tower, Area 52 and the Evronian Battleship. PK will use his arsenal of jet propulsors, lasers, heat-seeking missles, shockwave bombs, and flame rings to fight the enemy. With intense graphics, exciting gameplay and animated cut-scenes, Disney's PK is the greatest duck advent
    You're name is Pepper Roni and you're the star stuntman in an action movie being filmed on wild LEGO Island. On and off the movie set, you'll perform tricks in a variety of stunt games. In the air, fly planes and sky-boards. On sea, race the waves on a jet ski. On land, drive a car through traffic, a motorcycle over a construction site, and a skateboard in an extravagant skate park. There is no vehicle or environment Pepper Roni can't master. But look out, your arch nemesis, Brickster, will try to ruin your stunt stardom. LEGO Island Exteme Stunts combines racing, 3D graphics, multiplayer ki
    After a cataclysmic earthquake submerges the northern hemisphere under the sea, chaos ensues on earth. Three tyrants oppress the people as they vye for ultimate power. In this dangerous water world only the SeaBlades can revive freedom by destroying the tyrants and uncovering the mystery behind an unkown energy. In this state-of-the-art shooter, attack above and below water in six different, branching levels. Choose from 16 SeaBlade vehicles. Take on your friends in competive mode, or work on missions together in cooperative mode.
    Based on Spyglass Entertainment's motion picture of the same name, Reign of Fire centers on an epic struggle between humankind and dragons. The time and setting is an apocalyptic future in London, a city that has been devastated by the fires of ruthless dragons awakened from an ancient sleep beneath the earth. Now you can fight on either side, as the heroic humans leading a hopeless fight for survival, or as the menacing powerful airborn dragons. Intense third-person action, stunning fire effects, dynamic missions and animated cutscenes, make for an unforgettable action adventure.
    On the eve of their concert, your favorite rock band has been kidnapped by an evil villain. Armed with your trusty motorized scooter, you must interact with a motley cast of characters in a vast interactive environment in order to rescue them. Combining elements of platform, freestyle, racing, and adventure games, Whirl Tour is an innovative addition to the extreme sports genre. It features a compelling plot and a bevy of unlockable options as well as 4-player split-screen action.
    It is the future. Ice caps have melted and the oceans have risen to cover almost the entire earth. Two forces, the Muspell (bad guys) and Forseti (good guys), must battle it out for the remaining dry land. Both sides are evenly matched and it's up to you and your trusty Aquila mech to aid the Forseti and make the difference. The innovative battle style of this title involves direct combat as well as utilizing and preserving your allied troops as much as possible. Not only are you crucial to the action, but it's up to you to decide which battles to get involved in and which strategy will brin
    Seek and Destroy is the ultimate tank fantasy. While the graphics are merely functional, the gameplay is wild, customizable and addictive. Choose from over 100 tanks based on real models from military developpers around the world. Take on 25 over-the-top missions and 10 bosses. You can even make your tanks into aerial tanks for certain mission objectives and battles. But the real attraction of Seek and Destroy is the opportunity to engage in tank battles of epic proportions. In two-player Head-to-Head or Co-op modes, blast away to your hearts content in a variety of battle arenas including F
    The best-selling chess game ever has finally made the jump to PS2! Get schooled by acclaimed coach Bruce Pandolfini in the comprehensive tutorial, take on the sophisticated AI in dynamic play environments, or play with friends online. Along with an unrivaled grandmaster-level engine, the game is also easily accessible to beginners with fun features like 3-D Battlefield play, where animated elves, knights, orcs and monsters skirmish across specially designed fantasy boards. Other play modes include Handicap, Rated Play, Quick Game, Puzzle and more.
    World Series Baseball 2K3 has arrived with fine-tuned gameplay and a host of new perks. Play in classic ballparks including The Polo Grounds, Forbes Field, Shibe Park, and Griffith Stadium. Play with or against 25 Hall of Famers including Bob Gibson, Mike Schmidt, Rollie Fingers, and Stan Musial. New animations include home run-robbing catches at the wall, broken bats, drag bunts and line drive snaring grabs. A new baserunning feature, leadoffs on the basepaths, power swings for aggressive hitting, and a new jump button, advance gameplay. And an ESPN Broadcast Presentation seals the deal wit
    Jump in the cab of your favorite 18-wheeler and take to the highways of America at ridiculous speeds! Beginning as one of five characters (there are over 40 total), you must help prevent the evil Tornado gang from monopolizing the trucking industry and beating up people's grandfathers. This newest incarnation of Sega's 18-Wheeler games features rip-roaring arcade-style gameplay, fully customizable rigs, new story modes, over 25 mini-games, much improved graphics, and plenty of memorable if not tacky caricatures of good ol' American guys and gals. 10-4, little buddy?

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