Speaking about the Weather Quiz


1. I don’t think you need to bring an umbrella. It’s only _____ now.


2. A ____ is a dangerous tropical storm.


3. I stepped in a _____ and got my pantlegs all wet.


4. There was ______ in the middle of summer; we didn’t have to turn our airconditioner on for weeks.


5. We had to stop playing baseball because we didn’t want to get struck by ________.


6. It was too _____ for the pilot to land the plane.


7. If you let me borrow your _____ I’ll be able to see better.


8. Don’t be surprised if you get a light _____ every afternoon on that island


9. When I looked at the _____ it said ten degrees.


10. ______ will prevent you from getting a burn.


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Speaking about the Weather Quiz
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