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1. When can we meet again?


2. My aunt is going to stay with me.


3. When do you study?


4. Would you prefer lemonade or orange juice?


5. Let’s have dinner now.


6. The snow was …… heavily when I left the house.


7. I can’t find my keys anywhere – I …… have left them at work.


8. When a car pulled out in front of her, Jane did well not to …… control of her bicycle.


9. According to Richard’s …… the train leaves at 7 o’clock.


10. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people’s …… of life.


11. The builders are …… good progress with the new house.


12. She is now taking a more positive …… to her studies and should do well.


13. My father …… his new car for two weeks now.


14. What differences are there …… the English spoken in the UK and the English spoken in the US?


15. At 6 p.m. I started to get angry with him because he was late ……


16. …… you get your father’s permission, I’ll take you skiing next weekend.


17. A local company has agreed to …… the school team with football shirts.


18. I really enjoy stories that are …… in the distant future.


19. That old saucepan will come in …… when we go camping.


20. Anyone …… after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval.


21. I didn’t …… driving home in the storm so I stayed overnight in a hotel.


22. The judge said that those prepared to…… in crime must be ready to suffer the consequences.


23. Marianne seemed to take …… at my comments on her work.


24. You should not have a dog if you are not …… to look after it.


25. The farmhouse was so isolated that they had to generate their own electricity ……


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“Hang Man” game

Hangman is a quick and easy game that teaches to spell English words correctly.
The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, representing each letter of the word.
Guess your word letter by letter
If the word is correct, the game is over and the guesser wins.

Mind Reader Game

Game that will tell what you are thinking!
Please follow the instructions below carefully.
Go through each step first before pressing the below button, or you’ll only ruin everything!

Think of a number between 1 and 10.
Multiply the number by 9.
Add the digits of your result.
Subtract 5 from your new number.
Find the letter that corresponds to your number, if 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, etc.
Think of a country that begins with your letter.
Write down the name of that country.
Think of an animal beginning with the second letter of your country.
Think of the color of that animal.
Write down the animal and its color.
Think of an animal that begins with the last letter of your country.
Think of a fruit that begins with the last letter of this second animal.
Write down the fruit and the animal.
When you are finished, touch analyze…

The Best Games to Learn English Words

Games and fun activities are a vital part of teaching English as a foreign language.

A good word and puzzle game will not only teach you English but also entertain you as you play it.
Some of the best English word games are those that make you forget you’re actually learning!

Three games that will help you to learn new words, improve your vocabulary, and explore language.

1. Word Lines is a fun and engaging online game that helps you learn new words and improve your vocabulary.
Game objective is to earn the highest score by combining letters to form words.
Game board has 81 (9×9) cells (squares). It starts with several randomly selected letters placed on the board.
Points are earned every time you remove letters from the board. The more letters you remove the more points you earn.
To remove letters, arrange at least three letters to the correct word (noun) in lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).


2. Word Search Puzzle Game allows you to find and select hidden words in the scrambled grid of letters.
The words can be placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
The correctly selected word will be highlighted in blue.
Once all words are selected, the whole grid will become green.



3. Make a Word Puzzle Game starts with randomly selected letters
Look for a hint – word category: animal, flower, etc..
The number of letters is equal to the number of highlighted spots
Move letters one-by-one to the highlighted spots to make a word
Once letter is set over the spot, it becomes disabled
Set difficulty level to “Easy” or “Hard”
See your results on the dashboard



English the language of knowledge

English the language of knowledge

There are several factors that make the English language essential to communication in our current time. First of all, it is the most common foreign language.

English is also essential to the field of education. In many countries, children are taught and encouraged to learn English as a second language.

English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global workforce.

Former prime minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said: “In the past, it was Greek, then it was Arabic, then it was Latin and from Latin, European languages became the language of knowledge, the most common being English”.

“If we want to wait until that knowledge is translated into our own languages, there’s a possibility that not everything will be translated. There is also a possibility of things getting lost in translation.”

Although many people think that it is very difficult and confusing, English is actually the easiest language of the world to learn because there are so many resources available.

As soon as you decide you want to learn, there are thousands of resources on the Internet and in bookstores.

With good understanding and communication in English, you can travel around the globe.

Although learning English can be challenging and time consuming, we can see that it is also very valuable to learn and can create many opportunities!

Play and Learn English Language with Word Lines Puzzle Game

Play free interactive Word Lines Puzzle Game and learn new vocabulary.

Play and Learn English Language with Word Lines Puzzle Game

Earn the highest score by combining letters to form words.

Game board has 81 (9×9) cells (squares). It starts with several randomly selected letters placed on the board.

Points are earned every time you remove letters from the board. The more letters you remove the more points you earn.

To remove letters, arrange at least three letters to the correct word (noun) in lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

To move a letter, select it first by clicking on it, and then click on a destination square.

You can only move a letter if a free path exists between the current location and the destination selected.

With every move computer adds three new letters to the board, however new letters will not be added to the game board after a word removal.

Instead, you will be rewarded with yet another move before new three letters.

The game ends once the entire game board is filled up with letters. Enter in your name and see where you rank on the Leader Board – you will be highlighted in yellow.

English: Correct Spelling

Correct Spelling

Learning how to spell is considered a fundamental skill, and it takes time to memorize spelling rules and exceptions.

Some helpful tips:

  • visualize what the word looks like, and then try to spell it
  • notecards in a box can make creating this reference easy and fun
  • create your own lists of words they find difficult to spell
  • However, even the most experienced editors, who are checking spelling and grammar very thoroughly, are apt to overlook certain mistakes from time to time.
    To get around the problem of human error, you should put an online spell checker and grammar tool to work for you:-)

    Word Puzzle: How many English words can YOU find?

    i Word lines Puzzle Game

    Arrange at least three letters to the correct word (noun) in lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

    The Decline of the Guru

    The academic profession faces new challenges everywhere. The pressures of mass higher education, accountability, fiscal constraints, distance education and the new technologies, and changing attitudes concerning academic work have combined to place unprecedented strains on the professoriate. There is no country that has avoided these challenges, although the changes vary. This book brings together some of the best analysts of the academic profession in a wide ranging comparative analysis of the changing academic workplace. The stress here is on middle income and developing countries, but the issues discussed are relevant everywhere. This book, precisely because of its comparative and international perspective, is useful worldwide. Among the topics considered in the case study chapters are: – The changing demographics of the academic profession, including the role of gender in the professoriate – New developments in academic appointments, including the terms of academic work, evaluation of professors, and the tenure system – External pressures on the academic profession, including demands for accountability, threats to academic freedom, and others – The changing nature of academic work, including patterns of teaching and evaluation of students and increases in teaching responsibilities – The role of research in a changing academic environment – The impact of the new technologies and distance education – Future prospects for the professoriate.

    The Decline of the Guru

    The Comprehensive Public High School

    This book traces the decline of the public comprehensive high school. New educational markets emphasized school diversity and parental choice rather than social equity through common schooling, and they were criticized for declining standards. The book also considers government education policies and their regional manifestations.

    The Comprehensive Public High School

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