Rock Shrines: Where the Myths Begin and the Stars Become Legends

Buddy Holly.Jimi Hendix.Janis Joplin.Kurt Cobain.Michael Jackson.Musical gods gone too soon. Truly visionaries of their time, these recording heavyweights are just a few of the names that grace the world's most beloved rock 'n' roll shrines. From Elvis Presley's Graceland home in Memphis to John Lennon's Imagine memorial in New York's Central Park to Marc Bolan's roadside shrine in London, Rock Shrines reveals the final resting spots, statues, and impromptu shrines commemorating the lives and music of rock's biggest stars.Packed with stunning photography as well as rarely seen memorabiliaâEUautopsy reports, death certificates, and personal writingsâEUthat depict the most intimate moments in the lives and deaths of rock's greatest legends, this book is a tribute to all they left behind. A celebration of rock's immortal soul, it is the ultimate compendium for any music lover interested in paying homage to rock's predecessors.

AC/DC Treasures

AC/DC's unique brand of rock n roll is instantly recognizable: crisp, crunching guitar, throbbing bass lines, pounding drums, screaming vocals and ripping solos all add up to the biggest metal band ever. They have thrived through five decades of rocking rhythm and blues and continued to supply their unique brand of rock n roll to their faithful audiences.Treasures of AC/DC tells the fascinating story of a hard-working band and their music. The text is written by Jerry Ewing, there are rare photographs from many famous rock photographers and the package is topped off with rare, removable facsimile items from AC/DC colourful history.

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