Funny Facts

What is Yoga? Learn About the Basics of Yoga!

The first International Day of Yoga was observed worldwide on 21 June 2015.


We are used to the fact that a black cat is a failure, but in the UK and Australia, black cats bring good luck.

Where did you go?

It is believed that cats hear ultrasonic noise. Theoretically, they can hear the ultrasonic language of rodents and dolphins.

Turn on cartoons?

Puppies begin to see normally only after the 1st month.

Who is faster?

Dogs instinctively require the approval of the leader before any act.

Dance with Me?

Kittens, regard their reflection as a potential friend who is enthusiastically trying to play with a new friend.

Full immersion

The goat is one of the first domesticated animals. Domesticated in the Middle East, approximately 9,000 years ago.


Where are you?

A travel bag for a cat is an interesting labyrinth. If the bag came from vacation, then the cat does not tear it off: there are half a country of smells and stories that need to be read through the nose. It’s interesting to sit on a bag, as it is also a variety in the daily life of a cat.

For a cat to truly understand rejection

… he must first be ignored by another cat.

Accurate and working well?

The human brain is capable of processing and scanning complex images.

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