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Home Tiger

Usually, tigers do not see people as victims, but, feeling threatened, the tiger will attack. In most cases, attacks by tigers on humans are triggered by the absence of other prey on the habitat.

Where are you going? Stop it!

Birds came from dinosaurs.

Do you like chips? Life Hacks.

This is how to quickly seal a bag of chips.

Bear Biker

Bears rarely attack people, considering them unusual for themselves animals with unusual manners and gestures.

What is Yoga? Learn About the Basics of Yoga!

The first International Day of Yoga was observed worldwide on 21 June 2015.


We are used to the fact that a black cat is a failure, but in the UK and Australia, black cats bring good luck.

Where did you go?

It is believed that cats hear ultrasonic noise. Theoretically, they can hear the ultrasonic language of rodents and dolphins.

Turn on cartoons?

Puppies begin to see normally only after the 1st month.

Who is faster?

Dogs instinctively require the approval of the leader before any act.

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