Funny Facts

For a cat to truly understand rejection

… he must first be ignored by another cat.

Accurate and working well?

The human brain is capable of processing and scanning complex images.

How does the magnet work?

The earth is a giant magnet, on which the arrows of the compass are oriented.

Where are you going?

A cat can jump to a height of 5 times that of its own height.

Is there a friendship between cats and birds?

All cats hide their claws at rest, except for the cheetah.

Does your dog like to swim?

Bulldogs, basset hounds, dachshunds, pugs and boston-terriers are dogs that do not know how to swim.


UFO is an observable object resembling an aircraft that is not identified by terrestrial observers.


Dinner time?

Parrots are the only birds able to eat, keeping food in their paws.

Do cats know how to heal?

Short-haired cats with plush fur, specialize in cardiovascular diseases.

Do you like dolphins?

Dolphins are not fish
The dolphin is a warm-blooded animal that gives birth to cubs and feeds them with milk, and does not spawn.

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