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The jaws of the cat do not move from side to side, so the cat can not chew large pieces of food.

Does it itch here?

Cats have about 20 155 hair per square centimeter.

What are you doing?

Dogs can suffer from depression

Real or painted?

It is fantastic!

Can YOU play hide and seek with me?

Monkeys sign language.

Can YOU give me a drink?

In fact, dogs drink by rolling their tongue in the shape of a spoon, but not upwards, but downwards – from the palate.

Do you like competitions?

The prints of the dogs’ noses are as unique as the human fingerprints.

What is Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed?

The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a short-haired version of the Persian.

The Exotic cat (also called the Exotic shorthair by some cat associations) is a cross between Persians and American shorthairs.

Can This Brave Little Puppy Conquer the wall?

A brave little pup was caught on camera.

What happens when your cat becomes best friends with your window washer

THERE is nothing this cat loves more than his window cleaners.

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