The Dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian Relations


While conflict has long dominated relations between Israel and the Palestinians, this fascinating book asks the counterintuitive question: why has there not been peace? In a strikingly innovative and productive approach to increasing understanding of Israeli-Palestinian dynamics, Soetendorp deftly considers how the three levels of analysisindividual, domestic, and structuralenhance understanding of the evolution of the interaction and, in turn, how the phenomenon enhances understanding of the strengths and limits of theory. The book will be structured in 6 chapters, with each theoretical lens analysed and then explored in practice in the subsequent chapter. Particular attention is paid to three key points in Israeli-Palestinian relations: the 1947-8 UN Partition process; the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon and its lead up; and the Oslo Peace Process and its demise. The result is that students gain increased understanding of opportunities and constraints on actors, the role of beliefs, and why peace has been so difficult to achieve.

The Dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian Relations



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