The Genetics of Cancer


Written by internationally recognized experts, The Genetics of Cancer provides up-to-date information and insight into the genetic basis of cancer and the mechanisms involved in cancer invasion and its secondary spread. This volume presents the deregulation of the cell cycle in tumor development and integrates the function of tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes, and metastasis-associated genes in the pathogenesis and progression of cancer. The Genetics of Cancer will be useful to all graduate students, clinicians, and researchers working in the fields of cancer biology, genetics, and molecular biology. Key Features The contents include: * Clonal evolution of the metastasis phenotype * Cell Cycle regulation * Apoptosis in tumour growth and metastasis * Angiogenesis in cancer * Cell surface glycoproteins and their receptors * Proteinases and their inhibitors in cancer invasion * Oncogenes and cancer metastasis * Developmental genes * Tumour suppressor genes * Metastasis suppressor genes * Dominant metastasis-associated genes

The Genetics of Cancer



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