City Puzzle

Puzzle Game: Bruges

Play and Learn: Bruges

Bruges – a city in Belgium, the center of the province of West Flanders. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The population – 117 172 people. Economic and cultural progress of Bruges associated with the era of high and late Middle Ages.

• 138,4 км²

• City 117 377 (2011)

Puzzle Game: Rio de Janeiro

Play and Learn: Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro or abbreviated Rio – a city in Brazil, the administrative center of the eponymous state. The population – 6.4 million people, the second largest city in the country and the fifth in South America. It forms an agglomeration with a population of 12 million people.

• 1 255 км²

Population (2013)
• City 6,320,000

Puzzle Game: Amserdam

Play and Learn: Amserdam

Amsterdam – the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. It is the capital of the kingdom since 1814. Located in the province of North Holland in the west to the mouth of the Amstel river and Hey. Amsterdam is connected Nordsee-channel with the North Sea.

• 219,3 км²

Population (2011)
• City 779 808

Puzzle Game: Prague

Play and Learn: Prague

Prague – the city and the capital of the Czech Republic; the administrative center of the Central Bohemia Region and its two districts – Prague-East and Prague-West. It forms an independent administrative unit of the country.

• 496 км²

Population (2013)
• City 1,247,000

Puzzle Game: Rome

Play and Learn: Rome

Rome – the city, the capital of Italy since 1870, the administrative center of the province of Rome and the Lazio region. Located on the Tiber river. Rome – one of the oldest cities in the world, the ancient capital of the Roman Empire. Even in ancient Rome became often called Eternal.

• 1 285 км²

Population (2012)
• City 2,627,000

Puzzle Game: San Diego

Play and Learn: San Diego

Country United States of America
State California
County San Diego

• City 372.40 sq mi (964.51 km2)

Population (July 1, 2015)
• City 1,394,928
• Rank 2nd in California
8th in the United States

Puzzle Game: San Antonio

Play and Learn: San Antonio, Texas

Country United States of America
State Texas
Counties Bexar, Medina, Comal

• City 465.4 sq mi (1,205.4 km2)

• City 1,436,697

Puzzle Game: Phoenix

Play and Learn: Phoenix, Arizona

Country United States
State Arizona
County Maricopa

• City 517.948 sq mi (1,341.48 km2)

Population (2010)
• City 1,445,632
• Rank US: 6th

Puzzle Game: Berlin

Play and Learn: Berlin

Berlin – the capital and largest city in Germany, the second most populous and fifth in size city of the European Union. It is one of 16 lands in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Area 891,8 км²
Population 3,502,000 (2012)

Puzzle Game: St. Petersburg

Play and Learn: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg – the second largest city in Russia. The city of federal significance. The administrative center of the North-West Federal District and the Leningrad region.

Area 12,367.7 km2
Population 4,991,000 (2012)

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