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Kitchen Apron – Learn English Vocabulary

Kitchen apron is a garment covering part of the front of the body and tied at the waist, for protecting the wearer’s clothing.

The apron was traditionally viewed as an essential garment for anyone doing housework.

Handmade Apron - Butterfy

There are many different apron forms depending on the purpose of the apron. A basic distinction is between waist aprons, which cover the body from the waist down, and bib aprons, which also cover the upper part of the body.

Handmade Apron - Pepper

An apron is usually held in place by two ribbon-like strips of cloth that are tied at the back. A bib apron may either have a strap around the neck (perhaps the most widespread use today), or shoulder straps that criss-cross at the back and attach to the waistband.

More recently the apron has again enjoyed increasing popularity, especially handmade personalized kitchen aprons.

History of “Apron”
Middle English, alteration (resulting from false division of a napron) of napron, from Middle French naperon, diminutive of nape cloth, modification of Latin mappa napkin.

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