Funny Facts

Do Dogs Share with Their Friends?

Dogs want their share of the attention, food, and other good things.

How To Groom Your Husky

Brush your husky anytime, but only bathe him after brushing.

Never shave your husky’s entire coat, even during the summer. His undercoat insulates his body from heat and cold. Removing his undercoat will leave him sunburned and overheated.

A new attraction?

On the planet live about 500 million cats.

Can I help you?

New model of the vacuum cleaner?


The jaws of the cat do not move from side to side, so the cat can not chew large pieces of food.

Does it itch here?

Cats have about 20 155 hair per square centimeter.

What are you doing?

Dogs can suffer from depression

Real or painted?

It is fantastic!

Can YOU play hide and seek with me?

Monkeys sign language.

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