Nature Puzzle

Puzzle Game: Wildflowers

Play and Learn: Wildflowers

Interesting Facts: Grow flowers man began more than 4 thousand years ago. The first in this case turned out to be the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Puzzle Game: Fall

Play and Learn: Fall

Interesting Facts: In New Zealand and Australia, fall officially begins on March 1 and ends May 31.

Puzzle Game: Winter

Play and Learn: Winter

Interesting Facts: Fact, but more than half the population of the Earth has never seen real snow!

Puzzle Game: Northern Lights

Play and Learn: Northern Lights

Interesting Facts: Italian astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei (Galileo Galilei) was the first person to describe the phenomenon of the Northern Lights in 1619.

Puzzle Game: Space

Play and Learn: Space

Interesting Facts: Scientists have found more than a thousand planets outside our solar system over the past 20 years.

Puzzle Game: Desert

Play and Learn: Desert

Interesting Facts: The Sahara Desert is the second largest desert on earth after Antarctica, and the hottest desert in the world, the area – 9,000,000

Puzzle Game: Forest

Play and Learn: Forest

Interesting Facts: The longest tree in the world grows in California (USA). Barrel length evergreen sequoia is 112 meters.

Puzzle Game: Caribbean islands

The Caribbean islands are made up of several groups of large and small islands, namely, of the Greater and Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas. The total area of all the islands is 244,890 km² (Greater Antilles – 216 260 Lesser Antilles – Bahamas and 14,095 – 14,535). All Antilles rise significantly above sea level. Bahamas is the island formed by coral reefs.

Puzzle Game: Alps

Alps – the highest and longest mountain range among the systems that lie entirely in Europe. At the same time above the Caucasus Mountains and the Ural – Length of, but they are also in Asia.

Puzzle Game: Beautiful Lake

Beautiful Nature Photography